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Helping everyday people like YOU 


Florida Check Cashing is a family own business that has a very unique philosophy of doing business:

  • Treat your customer right.       

  • Offer the best rates.         

  •  Stop and Go stores no hassle. 

Who we are 

We were founded in 2002 as the need for people looking to change and escape from the traditional financial institutions or banks that lack the versatility and inclusion we offer. Currently, with 11 stores conveniently located around Dade county we are proud to serve several cities such as Hialeah, Opa-Locka, Downtown, Overtown,Little Haiti, Coral Gables.    

What we do 

Florida Check Cashing is compromised with the success of our fellow South Floridians. We offer them

the convenience of pay your bills, wire money, send a fax, make copies, buy stamps, and cash your

checks safely. We are involved in our community and our staff of more than 35 people are here to professionally and quickly assist our customers.

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